Once you locate the item you purchase select the quantity is defined using the drop-down menu

and click your mouse button add to cart (Fig.1). The amount in this phase is always inclusive of VAT.

Repeat to add additional products to cart.


At this point the product / s selected is displayed in the box at the top right. Now click with the mouse on the word "purchase"(Fig. 2)


 FIG. 2


At this point, the page you will be summarized (Fig. 3) displays all the tax (VAT with the spin-off),

discounts, VAT and finally the total you will pay, not including the cost of as they will be selected later, in a

stage where we still have time to cancel the order. However transport costs will always be 9.90 + VAT or

13.90 + VAT will be selected depending on whether the standard or express shipping. These maximum

rates will always be those, even if you decide to buy such a tractor or a wheelbarrow. The only

additional charge is scheduled for payment on delivery: in this case will be required to pay a c

ollection commission of additional amounts to 5.00 + VAT. All of these amounts, however, will

appear in a list next, very clear, even when they are finished before confirming the order.

 FIG. 3

  Now we can confirm the accuracy of the trolley in place with the mause clicking on "ORDER " (Fig. 4)
FIG. 4
Even at this stage will not be final confirmation and we will then cancel the sending order.

  Now we have to select one of three types of delivery. "STANDARD", "EXPRESS" or, just in
case you decide
to withdraw in person by going to our store, "PICK UP AT THE STORE. "

After making your selection click "Continue. "



We shall now proceed to the inclusion of our data will be used for billing purposes and

to send as purchased.

In the event that we had already signed up should only proceed to login with your

username and password.

Fill the form in its entirety must accept, at bottom, the privacy policy for handling

personal data.

Once this operation Termit click "CONTINUE"



Select now the preferred form of payment among those present on the drop-down

menu and cliuccare again on "Continue".


FIG. 8



On the page that has just opened (FIG. 8) is given the last and final order summary.

Check well as written in its entirety and click on "Confirm Order " to submit your order.

At this point the order will finally be visible to operators GrandStore Online and will be prosecuted.

Simultaneously, the e-mail client will arrive 2 email: as a confirmation of registration,

the other as a confirmation of receipt of the order by GrandStore Online.